Should You Get A Tummy Tuck?

Are you struggling with saggy skin or fat around your midsection (commonly called a “pooch”)? Are you wondering if you should get a tummy tuck (AKA abdominoplasty)? Then you’ve come to the right place! U Plastic Surgery + Aesthetics are tummy tuck experts. 

What Is A Tummy Tuck?

You know how when your shirt’s all loose and wrinkled, you tuck it in to make it look neat and smooth? A tummy tuck is kind of the same thing but for your belly. Instead of hiding away the excess skin, a tummy tuck removes it and possible extra fat from the abdominal area and tightens/repairs the muscle that has been separated or stretched from pregnancy for a flatter, more flattering appearance. (For a visual reference, check out our gallery of tummy tuck before and after images.)

Depending on how much loose skin and your exam, you might just need a mini tummy tuck, which focuses on the lower part of the belly. Deciding whether you want a full or mini tummy tuck depends on how much of a change you’d like to make, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

Though tummy tucks might be associated with women, men can get a tummy tuck, too. Men’s abdominoplasty also removes saggy skin and stubborn fat resistant to diet and exercise. The difference is that the procedure is designed to give a more masculine result with straight lines. 

Should You Get A Tummy Tuck?

What Are The Benefits Of A Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks have benefits beyond giving you a flatter or more toned stomach! 

    • Restore weakened or separated muscles: A tummy tuck can tighten those abdominal muscles that have become weak or separated, often due to pregnancy or significant weight loss. This improves the look of your midsection and can boost your core strength.
    • Help alleviate pain: Tightening and repairing those core muscles and removing excess skin can reduce back pain and improve your posture, making day-to-day activities much more comfortable.
    • Improve bladder function: Some folks notice better bladder control post-tummy tuck, especially if they’ve had bladder issues after pregnancy. The procedure tightens the muscles and tissues supporting the bladder, helping it function better.
    • Reduce itching and skin infections caused by excess skin: Excess skin can lead to rashes and infections. A tummy tuck removes this extra skin, helping you avoid these uncomfortable skin issues.
    • Boost self-esteem and confidence: The most commonly experienced perk is probably the increase in self-confidence. Feeling good about how you look can positively impact every aspect of your life, from how you carry yourself to how you interact with others.

If a tummy tuck is what you need, Dr. Tag will help you plan a procedure with maximum benefits. 

Is There Anything A Tummy Tuck Can’t Do?

While a tummy tuck can work wonders for your appearance and confidence, it’s not a miracle cure for everything. For starters, it’s not a weight loss solution. If you’re looking to shed pounds, you’ll need to do that through diet and exercise first. A tummy tuck also can’t address stretch marks outside the treated area—only those within the skin being removed.

Another thing you should know is that tummy tucks are restricted to the abdomen. If you want to remove fat from other parts of your body, consider liposuction in place of or in addition to a tummy tuck because it can be done all over the body. 

And lastly, tummy tucks produce long-lasting results, but because life is the way it is, they’re not permanent. Maintaining a stable weight and healthy lifestyle is crucial to keeping your results.

Should You Get A Tummy Tuck?

Should You Get A Tummy Tuck?

Now that you know the basics of what a tummy tuck is and what it entails, let’s get into the real reason why you’re here: Should you get a tummy tuck? Well, if you’re unhappy with your midriff because of stubborn fat deposits or loose skin on the abdomen due to genetics, pregnancy, aging, or weight loss, a tummy tuck might be for you.

When Dr. Tag is considering someone’s candidacy for a tummy tuck, he looks at the following factors:

  • Health & Weight: Like with any surgery, ideal tummy tuck candidates are in good health. Being healthy will keep you safe during surgery and help you heal faster and easier. We also suggest you be close to or at your ideal weight. A healthy, sustainable, and stable weight will protect your results and keep you happier for longer.
  • Family Plans: If you plan on getting pregnant again, now might not be the time to get a tummy tuck. A pregnancy can undo your tummy tuck, and we know that things like tummy tucks aren’t at the top of a mother’s to-do list. We’d hate to see you struggle with your appearance again. That’s why we urge people to complete all desired pregnancies before getting a body contouring procedure. 
  • Emotional Readiness: At U Plastic Surgery + Aesthetics, we’re in the business of helping people feel confident and attractive. However, we never want to perform a procedure on a patient who is not 100% ready or on board. We don’t want anyone to feel pressured to conform to societal standards or be rushed into making a decision. If Dr. Tag senses uncertainty, he could advise you to come back another time.
  • Expectations: Understanding what a tummy tuck can do and having realistic expectations for the outcome of your surgery is crucial. We want you to make informed decisions and be beyond happy with your results. If you’re expecting the stomach of a bodybuilder or runway model after your tummy tuck, you could be disappointed.
  • Body Type & Goals: As previously mentioned, there is a possibility that a tummy tuck isn’t the answer to your concerns. Dr. Tag will consider your unique needs and could suggest other options. 
  • Support System: After your surgery, you’ll need time to heal! Before scheduling, Dr. Tag will discuss the recovery process with you. He could postpone the tummy tuck surgery if you’re not sure you’ll have someone around to help you while you recover. Your safety is our top priority!

If you meet the criteria and are looking to improve your appearance, the question shouldn’t be, “Should you get a tummy tuck?” It should be, “Why should you not get a tummy tuck?”

Should You Get A Tummy Tuck?

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