Preparing for a Breast Augmentation Consult

Once you have completed your research regarding breast augmentations and qualified surgeons, the next step is to book your consultation! It’s completely normal to feel nervous walking into a cosmetic surgery consult, and it’s our job to make sure you are fully informed. There are a few things that you can do to feel more prepared for when your appointment day comes.  

  • Write down any and all questions that you may find during your research 
  • Look up before and after photos of breasts and cleavage to show your surgeon a clear visual of your desired result

During your consultation, Dr. Tag will thoroughly explain the procedure, show relevant videos, draw demonstrative diagrams specific to your anatomy, as well as detail the general post-operative care, expectations, and risks. He will discuss options such as implant type, profile projection, over or under the muscle, and symmetry.

We feel that several of our processes set us apart from our competition, one being the use of sizers. Sizers are like implants but hold more of a teardrop, natural breast shape, and are used inside of a sizing bra. Dr. Tag will show you what different-sized implants could look like in terms of proportions and projection on your body. Don’t worry, we will provide a tight-fitting tank top for the best visualization effect. This will give you a great idea of what size you are looking to enhance your chest, too!   

 It’s important to remember that realistic expectations are key. We all have a bit of asymmetry, unevenness, or perceived ‘flaws.’ Dr. Tag will provide his honest recommendations as well as the expected results. This could mean two different-sized implants in each breast or having open-ended options for a game-time surgery decision. Dr. Tag will work with you to explain every option available, and you will be able to come to a decision together. If you have any reservations about size after leaving your consultation, do not hesitate to reach out to speak with Dr. Tag or even to make a new sizing appointment. We want U to be the happiest, most confident version of yourself!  

As always, please call our office at 410-205-6595 if you have any questions at any time. I hope this was helpful and made you feel more prepared going into your consult! Congratulations on starting your transformation journey!