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Is Baltimore Breast Augmentation Right for You?

Are you longing for fuller breasts that complement your natural beauty? Our breast enlargement procedure answers a range of concerns, like:

  1. Amplify Your Appeal: Tired of feeling self-conscious about having small breasts? Say hello to a more curvaceous figure that boosts your femininity and allure.
  2. Symmetry Redefined: Struggling with asymmetrical breasts? Our expert surgeon, Dr. Tag, can skillfully balance your proportions, ensuring perfect harmony.
  3. Reclaim Fullness & Cleavage: Regain lost breast fullness and achieve a stunning cleavage that complements any outfit, leaving you feeling fabulous and confident.
  4. Love Your Look: If you’re dissatisfied with how your bust looks in tops and dresses, our breast augmentation can give you the stunning curves you desire.

The only way to know if you're a candidate is to arrange a consultation with our qualified, experienced, and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tag. He tailors your Baltimore breast augmentation procedure to give you the silhouette you've always dreamed of.

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The only thing that matters at U Plastic Surgery + Aesthetics is U. Our top priority is to give you a comfortable experience and outstanding results.

View some of our amazing before and after results and schedule your first appointment to see how we can transform your body.

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You have several options when it comes to customizing your breast implants, including:

  • Size
  • Shape (round or tear-drop/anatomical)
  • Type (saline or silicone)
  • Profile/projection
  • Textured or smooth

During your consultation, we'll discuss the breast implant characteristics and what they will mean for your results and your life after breast augmentation. Dr. Tag will show you examples of how different breast implants look after implantation, although this will vary depending on your breast size and tissue density.

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Saline breast implants are encased in an outer shell made of silicone but contain saline fluid. This sterile saltwater solution has long been used as the fill material for breast implants.

Although it carries the possibility of visible rippling after placement, this is an uncommon occurrence. If a saline breast implant leaks or tears, the fluid is harmlessly processed through your body's natural metabolic processes.


Silicone breast implants consist of an outer silicone shell that contains silicone gel. Silicone breast implants are prized for their natural look and feel.

The silicone gel itself highly mimics the look and feel of natural breast tissue. Silicone gel maintains its shape if the breast implant shell tears, so regular MRIs are recommended to ensure the implant is intact over the years.


U Plastic Surgery Is the Best All-Around

“I am so happy with my results from Dr. Tag! I wanted a breast augmentation for years and talked to several doctors because I am considered high-risk, so I had to go under local sedation versus general anesthesia.

I was at a point where I believed I couldn't get it done until a nurse practitioner friend told me about Dr. Tag. He called me the next day!

Every single person was on top of everything, and all went smoothly. I couldn't have had a better experience, and I love my results!"


Jaw-Dropping Outcome

“Dr. Tag is an amazing doctor, from making you feel comfortable to answering any questions you have and having a jaw-dropping outcome! I wanted a breast augmentation that looked natural, and Dr. Tag exceeded my expectations!

During recovery, he told me I could contact him with any questions or concerns, and every time he answered with confidence and reassured me everything was healing perfectly! If you are searching for a doctor to give you the best results, Dr. Tags is the doctor for you. I can't thank him enough!"


He Made My Dream Body Come True

“Dr. Tag is amazing! He's so talented and knows what he's doing. I was nervous and skeptical about my breast augmentation, but Dr. Tag made me feel comfortable and explained everything.

He didn't rush me and took the time to answer all my questions and understand the exact look I wanted. He even allows you to text him, and he responds so fast. You can't say that about many doctors! I am SO happy with my results. I've never felt better and more confident.

He made my dream body come true. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Tag. You won't be disappointed!"


Amazing Support + Flawless Results

"I would recommend Dr. Tag to anyone who wants a plastic surgery experience with flawless results and amazing support every step of the way!

He is personable, down-to-earth, funny, and always available to his patients. He puts you at ease and is amazing at his craft! I am pleased with my breast augmentation and would return to Dr. Tag if I want anything else done in the future!"

Award-winning, fellowship-trained, board-certified

Dr. Tag

Meet The Man Known For His Meticulous Surgical And Non-Surgical Results As Well As Charisma, Compassion And Warmth.


Affectionately known as “Dr. Tag”, Baltimore’s own Dr. Maakan Taghizadeh emerged as one of our community's most respected plastic surgeons. Through a combination of science, training, and artistry, Dr. Tag creates some of the most beautiful—but never overdone—transformations of the body, breasts, and face.


Dr. Tag attended Gilman School and graduated Cum Laude from James Madison University. After JMU, he went to work for Eli Lilly and Company, where he was the top sales representative in the USA.

Dr. Tag earned his medical degree at the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore, MD. He then completed his training in general surgery at the Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, where he was awarded the prestigious Intern of the Year award.

Next, Dr. Tag completed his plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at the Ohio State University Medical Center. He returned to Baltimore following his residency to complete a fellowship in Breast, Microsurgical, and Aesthetic Surgery at Mercy Medical Center.

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