Aftercare for Breast Augmentation

There’s no investment like a confidence boost, and for many women, choosing to get a breast augmentation is an empowering way to tap into their femininity! Revealing the new you is an exciting time, no matter what brought you to U Plastic Surgery for a breast augmentation. Your road to recovery will require some serious downtime and self-care, but we’ve got all the information you need to know for your breast augmentation aftercare. Keep reading to learn more!

Recovery Timeline: Overview

Following your procedure, recovery will be your full-time job. Great results require patience, but don’t worry! Dr. Tag and the team are here to help you chart the path from beginning to end. 

24-48 Hours Post-Op: 

Immediately after surgery, you may notice some soreness as the general anesthesia begins to wear off. As a result of the anesthesia, you may also feel nauseous, but this should subside fairly quickly. Try using a cold compress or the pain medication Dr. Tag prescribes for you to alleviate the pain. You’ll lean heavily on your home care team (your friends and family) for the time being. 

First Five Days Post-Op: 

Your first few days of recovery are your time to lay in bed and let your family take care of you. Try leaning into it and enjoying the process! During this time, you’ll probably feel a little sore around the surgical area, and you’re likely very tired. Just like with any surgery, your body has just gone through a considerable amount of stress, and it’s very important to give yourself the space and time to rest up. 

On the day two mark, you can remove your surgical gauze. Don’t be alarmed if you find swelling or bruising when you take this material off – this is a completely normal and natural part of the healing process. You’re also welcome to remove your compression bra for a short period of time to shower, but don’t forget to put it back on afterward!

You can return to work after 5 days as long as your job requires no strenuous activity! 

Daily activities may be a little difficult while you’re in this early stage of healing, so make sure you have someone who can help you with cooking and cleaning. The only thing you should be lifting right now is the remote! 


First Two Weeks Post-Op: 

Now that you’ve passed the one-week mark, you should be well into the healing process, but you’re not done yet. You should still be resting and avoiding lifting anything heavier than five pounds. Keep your family members close by to help you with any strenuous activities, and try not to do anything that might raise your blood pressure. 

Around day ten, the wounds from your surgery should be completely healed, but stay the course!

One Month Post-Op: 

Now that you’ve rested for several weeks and your wounds have healed, you can return to daily activities. Over time, you can build back your ability to lift heavy objects, but be patient with yourself. Every patient’s healing process is different, and you should listen to your body. 

The complete healing process could last for up to a year post-surgery, as the body’s natural swelling goes down over time. 

Recovery Do’s & Don’ts 

There are a lot of rules to follow after surgery, and your best bet is to listen to all of Dr. Tag’s advice for the best results possible. But you probably have a lot of questions: can you drink alcohol after surgery? How long until you can take a hot bath? We’ve got you covered with these do’s and don’ts of breast augmentation surgery recovery. 

Don’t Drink Alcohol: Don’t worry. This one isn’t going to last forever. Just make sure you avoid alcohol for the first 48 hours post-operation. You’re taking a lot of medicine at the moment, and alcohol could negatively interact with painkillers, antibiotics, and anesthetic. However, you’ll be on full-time recovery during this time, so mojitos and margaritas probably won’t be on your mind until you’re well recovered. 

Do Wear a Compression or Sports Bra: During recovery, your breasts will need a lot of support – but a regular bra won’t do! Wear your compression bra for up to six weeks post-surgery to allow your breasts enough time to heal without aggravating your scars. After that, you’ll be able to visit the store to get fitted for new bras, and that’s the exciting part!

Don’t Go to the Gym: Everyone’s recovery looks different, but you’ll definitely want to avoid exercising for six weeks after surgery. Upper body exercises are especially harmful during this time. You can gradually reintroduce your exercise routine after four to six weeks, but start slow and listen to your body – and Dr. Tag. By eight weeks you will be free to return to full activity.

Don’t Take a Bath: This is another rule that won’t last forever, but you should avoid taking baths immediately after your procedure. Prolonged exposure to water (i.e., soaking in a bath) can cause infections and extend your healing time. 

However, you can reintroduce a nighttime bath one to two weeks after your procedure, but be sure to use lukewarm water and keep a “nurse” nearby. Remember that during this stage of recovery, you’re still leaning on friends and family for support, so make sure someone you trust can help you get in and out of the bath if you decide to take one this early after your breast augmentation. 


We’re Here for U! 

Your team at U Plastic Surgery is always here for you and your confidence. From breast augmentations to mommy makeovers, your confidence is our passion. Dr. Tag was educated and trained under some of the most renowned experts in the world, so our results will never be overdone, and you’ll always feel comfortable throughout the process. 

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