Revise Your Implants

Breast implants are not permanent. Eventually, you might consider renewing your breast augmentation outcomes through a breast revision surgery in Baltimore.

Whether it's due to issues like rippling or capsular contracture, or simply a desire for an update, Dr. Maakan Taghizadeh is skilled in performing breast revision procedures to rejuvenate your appearance.

Breast Revision for Aesthetic Enhancements

Many opt for breast implant revision for cosmetic adjustments. Over time, after your initial breast augmentation, you might find yourself wanting to increase or decrease their size.

If you're uncertain about the specific changes you desire, Dr. Tag can guide you in making a decision. Reasons for replacing old breast implants with new ones for aesthetic purposes include:

  • Desiring larger or smaller breasts
  • Seeking a different shape or feel of the breasts
  • Upgrading to the latest generation of breast implants

Switching from saline to silicone breast implants is also a frequent choice. While silicone implants are more expensive initially, leading some to initially choose saline, you might later prefer silicone for its more natural appearance and feel.

The silicone gel in these implants closely resembles the consistency and sensation of natural breast tissue, making them an excellent choice for those seeking results that feel authentic.

Natural Breast Sagging

With age, it's natural for your skin and tissues to droop and sag. While your breast implants might maintain their elevated, perky position, the tissue around the implant's edges could begin to sag. Dr. Tag is skilled in performing procedures to remove this excess tissue, ensuring excellent results.

Capsular Contracture Treatment

Breast implants are naturally surrounded by a capsule of scar tissue, which is a normal and expected occurrence. However, in rare cases, this capsule may contract and tighten, leading to discomfort.

Sometimes, capsular contracture can also make the breast feel firm. Dr. Tag is equipped to address capsular contracture surgically, which might involve a small incision in the capsule.

This minor intervention can often be sufficient for the capsule to expand, become thinner, and soften. In cases of more severe contracture, a capsulectomy might be necessary to completely remove the capsule.

How to Treat Ruptures or Tears

Although rare, ruptures of breast implants can happen occasionally. Detecting a rupture depends on the type of implant. With saline implants, a leak leads to deflation, making the change in breast size noticeable.

For silicone implants, which retain their shape even when ruptured, an MRI may be required to identify any tears or ruptures. In such cases, Dr. Taghizadeh will perform a procedure to replace the ruptured implant.

Breast Revision in Baltimore to Fix Malposition, Rotation, or Symmasia

Occasionally, changes in breast shape can lead to complications, such as:

  • The breast implant rotating within its capsule.
  • The formation of the tissue capsule around the breast in a way that positions the implant too high, low, wide, or too close together (known as symmastia, where the implants are so close that there's little to no separation).
  • Bottoming out, where the implants gradually move below the breast crease over time.

While these issues are rare, they can be corrected. After Dr. Tag accurately identifies the cause, he can suggest a surgical solution to achieve aesthetically pleasing and beautiful breast augmentation results.

Who Can Receive a Breast Revision?

Your initial step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Tag. During this meeting, not only will you discuss your reasons for considering a breast revision in Baltimore, but Dr. Tag will also evaluate your health history and other relevant factors to ascertain your suitability for the surgery.

Sometimes, it may be beneficial to combine a breast implant revision with a breast lift. A breast lift, or mastopexy, involves removing surplus, sagging tissue and elevating the breasts' position.

Dr. Tag will assess whether a combined procedure is appropriate for your situation and will inform you of all available options.

Revision Consultation in Baltimore

Get in touch with the team at U Plastic Surgery + Aesthetics to arrange a consultation with Dr. Tag and discover more about breast revision surgery in Baltimore. We are eager to address your queries and deliver exceptional care along with stunning aesthetic outcomes.